Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sparse Plantings...

We are getting very close to finishing the Duncan House project! It began in July of 2014,'s time, for sure.

Thought you might be interested in a few things in this photo. First, you can see we have begun the job of putting in 'sparse plantings'....they didn't have a lot of plants and bushes around their houses in 1858! 

Note the plants are placed away from the house, and immediately next to the house is the 'drip pad', made of gravel. This catches the rainwater as it comes off the house and lets it disperse without beating down the plants. The drip pad is composed of specific gravel of the "proper" size and color. Next to the drip pad goes the bed where the occasional bush is planted.

Also, you will note the lattice covering the 'holes' under the house has been painted white with the lattice trim matching the base color of the house. The blocks behind the lattice are painted dark gray to make it appear that the house is open at the bottom.

The porch and the top of the steps have gotten their first coat of yet another color of dark gray and they are looking good. The risers are painted white.

[Please remember the home will be a private residence and NOT open to the public. Our goal was to make the exterior look as close as practical to what it looked like in 1860, but the interior had been modified far too much for us to ever tackle that job.]

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