Monday, April 4, 2016

DUNCAN HOUSE REPORT - Skirt Board Going Up!

The continuing saga of the restoration of The Duncan House, 810 Polk Street, Corinth, MS

We are soon to be installing the "skirt board"....sometimes called the apron board.... onto the Duncan House.  Likely you know a lot more about this than me, as it was all new to me.  The skirt board is the big, wide board at the very bottom of the house that helps deflect the rain water away from the bottom part of the house.  I think most frame houses have skirt boards.  See the board circled in red below.

The Shed Is Looking Better

Restoring The Duncan House, Headquarters for Generals, 810 Polk, Corinth, MS

Progress continues, but slowly, on the restoration of the Duncan House. Here you see that the 'shed' of the building has been patched, repaired and the 'primer' coat of paint applied. Likely it will be the same color as the house, but that has not yet been fully determined (although technical forensic research is continuing).