Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Four Views: The Duncan House Through the Years

Thought you might like to see the progression/restoration/transformation of the Duncan House over the last 160 years. 

The first visual record of the Duncan House was in a sketch drawn by a man named Miller, who came to Corinth from Memphis and sketched every home and business in town in 1860, including the Duncan House. (what a wonderful story....and fantastic asset....this sketch book is to our community!)

The second view, a quarter century after the Civil War, is an engraving that first appeared Century Magazine. The Duncan House was one of four Corinth homes sketched from photographs by Walter Fenn. These drawings were later reproduced in the "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War" books, and have been used in hundreds of publications since the 1880s.

The third photo, done a couple of years ago, shows the house in its second location before it was moved 28.5 feet to the north.

The last photo, done recently, shows the house after Move #2. Note the restored portico, door unit, and big windows, making the outside restoration complete.

I think you can see much resemblance between the 1886 photo and the 2016 one.

It's been more than two years since this project began. I'm glad it's about completed. The residents, Thomas Parson and Nita Barrier Parson and daughter Sarah are settled in and seem to be enjoying being back 'home' in the Duncan House. 

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