Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Although ugly and muddy, we are making progress at The Duncan House.  Seen here is the preparation for the underground utilities that will, hopefully, hide electrical wires...which, of course, were not around in 1858.

First, a reminder:  The house will NOT be open for visitors.  It's going to be the residence for some special people (more on that later), and it's going to be their home, and not a museum open to the public.  Fact is, the interior, while being clean, tight and comfortable for living, has long ago lost most all it's 'original' features, so restoration of the interior....if even possible, was certainly not practical for a private individual.  We are, however, restoring a nice and accurate EXTERIOR of the house for visitors to see, but not restoring the interior to it's former shape.

Monday, January 11, 2016

NE MS Daily Journal On The Duncan House, 1996

CORINTH – The old Duncan House, now a National Historic Landmark, served as headquarters for generals during the Battle of Shiloh and the Siege of Corinth and Battle of Corinth.

This article was written and published in The NE Mississippi Daily Journal in 1996.  It's an interesting and informative article, written by Jane Clark Summers.  Some data gathered in the 20 years since this was written might vary slightly from the article.  Regardless, it's an excellent article and well-written.  


TODAY, yes, on late Sunday afternoon, we got the master craftsmen together to coordinate the building of and later installation... of the big windows and front door unit.  Danny Shook, James Ford and Thad Pratt, Vicksburg....Thad is building the windows and door unit per specs from Chelius Carter.  Thad was in town today and we took the opportunity to make sure we were all singing from the same page of the hymnal!