Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Piece of the Past Preserved...

We made serious progress today! Started early by mounting and installing the ten foot 'working' shutters on the front windows. They actually open and close. They were made to specs by Thad Pratt, Vicksburg Woodworks, who also made the windows and provided all of the milled lumber. 

Got the front sidewalk poured and it looks so much better than the other one now buried under that red fill sand.

Most all of the outside has at least one coat of paint on it and we are making real progress on the interior painting. (remember, the house will not be open to the public, as it will be the private residence of Nita Barrier Parson and Thomas Parson).

The dead tree was removed today (remember the big limb that speared through the 'shed' about a year ago?....same tree).

I'm becoming more convinced the 'light in the tunnel' is not an approaching train, and we will be finishing up before too long!

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