Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A "Robin's Egg Blue" Porch Ceiling

It's an old Southern tradition to paint the ceiling of one's porch blue. In our case....."Robin's Egg Blue." Some say it's "because grandmother did it," others say it's a calming, cooling color which makes you feel better. What I've heard is bugs (wasps, mosquitoes, flies, dirt-dabbers) think the blue is the sky....and that they aren't protected from predators they don't chose to hang around that 'sky' looking ceiling. And then there are those that believe the blue protects the house from 'haints' and makes the house 'safer'. Have you heard of the color "haint blue"?

So, as you can see, the ceiling of the new portico is blue! It seems to blend well with the 'Gull Wing Gray" and the "Timid White". Don't you love paint color names?

Look closely when you pass next. Hopefully there won't be any bugs or haints to spoil your view!!

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