Thursday, March 3, 2016

Electricity is back on!

Restoring The Duncan House, Headquarters for Generals, 810 Polk, Corinth, MS

Can you see the twinkles inside the windows? Those are lights burning....and lights burning means ELECTRICITY!!! Thanks to the fine folks from ACE Power and the Wilbanks team, we now have power in the Duncan House! It's been...what....6 months since we last had power? Restoration is a slow process!!
We are 3/4 finished with the fence. It's a cool fence and is already improving the looks of the house. Hope next week we can finish the fence and put the 'skirt' on the bottom of the house. Having to have the proper boards made/cut to meet the very stringent specs on the skirt. I'll explain more when I can share photos of the lumber.
We await the windows and door unit. That will be a big day when we get those installed....then the portico. There are traces of the original portico visible even to my untrained eye. Most interesting, this restoration!
More later! Thanks for your interest. Remember, the interior will not be open for viewing, but we hope the exterior will please you as well as our frequent Corinth visitors that are interested in history.

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