Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fence To Enhance The Focus Onto The House

Restoring The Duncan House, Headquarters for Generals, 810 Polk, Corinth, MS

The new fence at the Duncan House is coming along nicely. It will stretch across the south end of the property, then turn and run north across the rear of the lot. The purpose is not to protect against our fine neighbors, but rather to give the house its own allow the focus to be upon the house, rather than the 'busy' background.
I think the fence is going to add a lot to the house, as well as the yard. Of course, shrubs and bushes will eventually soften the fence.
The electricity lines are buried and waiting inspection before we can flip the switch and have POWER and water once again.
For those that have been keeping up with this project, it's been going on 19 months, so far! The wheels of restoration turn quite slowly....especially for someone as impatient as I am.
The plans for the windows and door unit are at Vicksburg Woodworks and construction will begin soon. Only after we get the windows and door unit ready and installed, can we add the portico.
It's a slow process, so hope you don't give up.

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