Monday, April 4, 2016

The Shed Is Looking Better

Restoring The Duncan House, Headquarters for Generals, 810 Polk, Corinth, MS

Progress continues, but slowly, on the restoration of the Duncan House. Here you see that the 'shed' of the building has been patched, repaired and the 'primer' coat of paint applied. Likely it will be the same color as the house, but that has not yet been fully determined (although technical forensic research is continuing).

The door unit (double doors) and the 2 front windows are being made to specific specs in Thad Pratt's facility in Vicksburg, MS. (Thad is son-in-law of the Charles Ellington's, and husband of Wyn). We hope to be receiving this precious cargo SOON, and Danny Annette Wilbanks Shook, and James Ford have promised to help get them installed when they arrive.
We are excited about the project and hopeful that it will be another 'arrow' in our city's tourism quiver!
Thanks for your interest and moral support of this project. I went in to it with rose-colored glasses, unprepared for the 'hoops' that needed to be jumped through. Hopefully, we are getting through that legalistic jungle.
More to come soon.

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