Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Although ugly and muddy, we are making progress at The Duncan House.  Seen here is the preparation for the underground utilities that will, hopefully, hide electrical wires...which, of course, were not around in 1858.

First, a reminder:  The house will NOT be open for visitors.  It's going to be the residence for some special people (more on that later), and it's going to be their home, and not a museum open to the public.  Fact is, the interior, while being clean, tight and comfortable for living, has long ago lost most all it's 'original' features, so restoration of the interior....if even possible, was certainly not practical for a private individual.  We are, however, restoring a nice and accurate EXTERIOR of the house for visitors to see, but not restoring the interior to it's former shape.

We are progressing on putting the interior back in livable shape for the new residents.  You can understand how there would be lots of cracks and shifting after a move.  We are installing new air and heating, and putting in sewer, electrical and gas.  The walls have been repaired from the move and they are now caulked and ready for painting.  The 'new' fireplace is beautiful and ready to go. Book cases have been installed to hold a part of the new resident's books.

Front door unit and 2 front windows are ordered, and final details are being worked out to make sure they conform to the requirements of the MS Dept of Archives and History and the National Park Service.  More on the door and windows later, but they are going to be HUGE!  I think 10 feet on the windows and the door will be in proportion to the think "big".   The portico (small, tall, front porch) and the steps down to the sidewalk will be on tap after the door and windows have been made and delivered.   The size and shape of the original windows was determined by looking under the 'skin' of the house....most interesting detective work, for sure.  An old square nail, or even a nail hole can provide a clue to an experienced restorer.

On the 'out building' (garage) that we had to move and retain, we have created a new door on the south end making the building easily accessible to the house, and removed two unsightly and dilapidated doors on the west side.  That whole building will look much better soon.

We have received approval on a rear fence design and hope to begin that soon.  The fence, 6' high, will follow the lot lines on the south side and the back (east) side.  More on the fence(s) later, as there will likely be another type fence for the front.

We are busy determining just how to utilize the wonderful 'green space'.....the lot to the north of the Duncan House, facing Linden.  Whatever we finally decide, we won't obscure the side view of the Duncan House from busy Linden Street.  We are investigating some exciting ideas for the lot use.

We are beginning the thought process on landscaping and layout of walks, driveway, other parking, etc.  That, of course, will make a massive difference in appearance.

Just a recap of what's been going on in the last couple of weeks.  Thanks for your interest and Stay tuned!!

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