Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thomas Duncan Quote Highlights New Mississippi Monument on Shiloh Battlefield

Unveiled this past Saturday, Shiloh’s magnificent new Mississippi monument features a quote by battle veteran Thomas D. Duncan, who lived right here in Corinth at his family home, the historic Duncan House.

This photo shows the inscription on the monument’s west face. The quote reads:

"The night came on, and the Confederates lay down in line of battle to rest and slumber, realizing the danger of the coming morn and the certainty that for many the next sunrise would be their last on earth."

As Corinthians, we can be proud a local resident's poignant recollection adorns this huge and impressive monument.

[To learn more about the complete Civil War memoir of this fascinating man, who as a sixteen year old led generals around battlefields, see our October 9th post below. It includes a link to download (for free!) Thomas Duncan's excellent and entertaining book.]

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