Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thomas D. Duncan's book for less than a buck

I previously mentioned Thomas D. Duncan’s brilliant book about his experiences in the Civil War, which the old soldier wrote while living in the Duncan House.

I just bought the Kindle version of this book for $.99 on Amazon. It went to my iPad (I have the free Kindle app) and I'm pleased to say it reads just perfectly on the iPad. I just searched for "Thomas D. Duncan, Recollections" on Amazon and several things popped up.

You will recall Thomas D. Duncan's quote from his 1922 memoir adorns one side of the new Mississippi Monument just unveiled at Shiloh Battlefield. “Recollections of Thomas D. Duncan; a Confederate Soldier” also served as a major source for the fantastic orientation film “Shiloh: Fiery Trial,” shown daily at the Shiloh Visitor Center. The new movie prominently features young Duncan as a Confederate courier.

Below is Duncan's bio as appears in the book "Lives of Mississippi Authors, 1817-1967."

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