Thursday, January 26, 2017

Duncan Park

I know that many are very curious as to what in the world is going on next to the Duncan House on the corner of Linden and Polk.  You have shown great restraint in hiding your questions about the weird developments taking place there that include a railroad junction being buried in concrete. 

Well, it's finally time to talk about what plans we have in store there.

It's to be "Duncan Park" (unless you have a more exotic name) and it's going to be for us residents ......and our enjoy as we learn more about our history, especially the history around the time when our city was as important as any place in the southern part of the U.S.  As one military General said, "Richmond and Corinth are now the great strategic points of the war.....".  

The plan is to have historic markers (6 more, in addition to the large one already present) situated around the concrete pad where one can read about the different subjects.  Of course, a couple are about the Duncan House and the Duncan family members, others give information about things that occurred around town during that traumatic time early in the life of Corinth. 

Just this week, Duncan Construction created parking spots, including one handicapped spot; relocated and poured sidewalks, and created a very nice walkway leading from the parking area to the concrete pad.

Any day now, 6 'wayside exhibits'.....historic markers......will arrive, and, as we can, we will install the 6 around the pad.  When finished, if desired, a visitor (or resident) can learn a tremendous amount about the city's history during that fateful time. 

I hope to bring you information on Duncan Park on a continuous basis for a few days/weeks to try to keep you informed about what and why.  Some of the topics I would like to cover:

1.  Why a history park?
2.  Where did the big green sign come from?
3.  What is the story on the railroad junction
4-10  A review of each of the 6 history panels

Hope you enjoy the little spot of history. 

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